It's the new, Chewy Corner!

It’s the new LooLoo Chews, Chewy Corner!

Hello to you, our amazing customers

How are we already 7 months into 2021?

To think last year July we were moving into Level-3, how we thought Covid-19 was going to last a couple of months, and here we are 16 months later … none the less we are ecstatic to have started our business in the middle of the festive season and now we launch our blog AKA ‘Chewy Corner’ to you, our wonderful virtual family.

Since my husband and I started dating, we had always dreamed about doing a business together, from my side it was always all about baby things. Our minds went crazy and then LooLoo Chews was established, now you probably wondering where did we get our crazy name?! Well it’s quite cute, my husband called our now 22 month old since birth LooLoo Bear, we thought we couldn’t start this business without making her part of it somehow, after all she made us a Mommy and Daddy for the first time. To become one of your silicone and craft suppliers in South Africa has been an amazing journey so far, it’s been incredible pondering on the last few months on all our past dreams, goals and accomplishments wrapped up in these 7 months.

It hasn’t been easy reflecting back on 2020 from all its learning, decision-making and most of all uncomfortable change it threw us all, most of all we are thankful for the pandemic change; as it pushed us a little harder to reach for our dream now more than ever!

Sometimes taking a bird’s eye view pulls you out of the nitty gritty of everyday life, and you are left breathless by the countless blessings weaved through the big picture.

As a Mom/Dad’preneur’ running a fast-paced growing business, we couldn’t be any prouder to be part of a community centered on support and creativity. We might still be a small, one-room business but BOY OH BOY do we have ideas bursting at our seams, we keep re-organising and growing one recycled homemade box at a time, all while simultaneously counting and packing your beautiful chewy orders! Yes, you heard right, recycled! We are a 100% recycled business, all our storage containers holding our beads are made out of pre-loved cardboard boxes, if you receive an order from us, it is most probably in a zip-lock bag which is reused bags from our silicone beads that are sealed in, if you order needs extra protection it will be a pre-loved cardboard box / packaging as well, we all about keeping the environment in mind, both in our private lives and in business. You are able to recycle our paper and reuse the storage bag / cardboard boxes.

We want our blog to feel like home for you, a cosy place for you to curl up on your couch, sip a glass of wine and begin to dream. It’s a place of sharing, learning and a community, where we can pause together to enjoy beauty and be inspired by fellow Mompreneurs and small business owners.

What is amazing is you take our supplies and make something unique and arty with!

As a business, our goal is to provide our customers with the very best products, outstanding customer support and shopping experience. Our vision with our blog fits our brand and remains the same. We want to leave you with something valuable, ideas for projects, inspiration for your business, stories that motivate and are beautiful, tangible items you can take and enjoy.

Individually, we have our own unique passions and abilities, so we are excited to share some of our personal experiences with you too, some of those experiences might be about our child, DIY projects, social media talk and so much more.

Join us as we flip the page to a new chapter; the Chewy Corner


LooLoo Chews Team

P.S. You probably wondering by now, who is the faces behind LooLoo Chews, this is us!

 LooLoo Chews Team