How to make a pacifier clip (Style 1)

Welcome to our Pacifier Clip Tutorial - STYLE #1! This tutorial features our amazing satin nylon cord and is a popular design technique to create gorgeous, safe, and durable pacifier clips!

Dummy Clips

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Take your nylon cord and measure about 25cm of cord. The length will vary depending on how many beads you use, but for 7 x 15mm beads this is great length!

2. Fuse the two ends of your cord together. This is done by taking both ends of the cord and melting them together really well with your lighter. You want the ends to start melting. Immediately push both ends into each other. Do this as quickly as possible. Always exercise extreme caution when doing this so that you do not burn your fingers! Once the cords look somewhat fused together and have cooled down slightly, rub the fused piece together with your fingers to smooth the area.

3. Take out the lighter again and lightly run the flame over the fused area, smoothing and rubbing the fusion until you feel confident that it has fused well. It is critical that you let it sit for a few minutes to really harden. The nylon cord will become like hard plastic once its fused properly.

4. This next step is important! After allowing the cord to harden, test the strength of the cord by giving it a really good pull. When you are confident with the strength of the cord, you can move on to the next step. If your partner has strong hands, get them to test it for you as well.

5. Take the cord and the clip, and loop the cord through the clip, making sure that the fused area is placed closer to the clip as you will want your beads to cover it.

6. Next, make a knot right up against the clip – this knot is an extra safety precaution to keep your beads secured and safe!

7. Take out your bead loop turner tool or disassembled paper clip. The paper clip is going to act like a threading needle. Take the tool or paper clip, loop your string through it, and start threading your beads in the order you’ve designed!

8. Once all the beads are threaded on your nylon cord, there will be some excess string left at the end. Create a knot tightly up against the last bead and pull it super tight. Ensure you check that the cord and clip is securely and strongly put together!

That's it 😍 Your pacifier cord is now complete and ready to have a teether or pacifier attached!

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