DIY beadable pens are a fun craft activity for all ages. Pens no longer have to be boring, they can now be cute and luxe featuring all your favourite feature beads in an array of colours. Now when your pen goes missing you know how to find it.

To start making your own beaded pen, choose from our range of beadable pen blanks and wide array of silicone beads! Each pen already comes fitted with black ink, but you can always buy more ink refills here available in black and blue ink now.
We often get asked so many questions about what size of beads would best go on the pens, so with this blog we hope to answer some of your questions. If we didn't cover a question leave us a comment. 
For starters it is super simple to customise your pens, take your pen and twist off the top cap at the top of the pen. Once your cap is removed, slide on the beads you have chosen for your design. Once all your beads are on and screw back the end of the cap on and BOOM, that is how easy it is to create and add a new product offering to your business.  

Below is some graphics that shows you approximately how many beads you need in some of our most popular sizes. Just remember if you want to use character beads some character beads vary in size so you might not need that many round or other shaped beads then. 


How many of each bead will fit onto the pen shank? 


Inspiration, this is the difficult part with LooLoo Chews you can create a ton of designs with our huge range of offering, below is just some examples.



1. Use our lentil or abacus beads to fill in the spaces. The filling of gaps ensures your beads are secured in their places and don't loosely slide along the shank when the pen is in use.
We recommend using any of these beads when you need to fill a gap in after putting together your design.
Silicone beads range: 14mm mini abacus, 12mm lentil, shop our full range of assorted shapes here

We’re so pleased to be able to bring you these quality beadable pens and we hope you enjoy crafting and creating with them!

Happy Crafting! Make sure you tag us on social media using the hashtag #teethingmadechewy!

We love seeing the beautiful products you make!

 *The acrylic letters don't fit on the pens, only the silicone alphabet beads will if you looking at adding letters.